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Child Care Licensing
Regulatory changes and updates


More rule updates on the horizon for 2019

The Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) of 2014 contained some specific requirements related to background checks that will alter some processes that Texas has had in place. The new background check rules will roll out in January of 2019. Child Care Licensing (CCL) will provide detailed information to providers as the time approaches. Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Checks remain valid for 5 years if fingerprinted, renew at 5 years.
National Rap Back implementation will provide ongoing notifications of any criminal history reported to the FBI.
Person lists will show employment status for an individual at an operation: Active, Inactive, or Pending.

Operations will be required to validate list every 90 days.

Operations will be able to see entire Person List and details for each person, including:
Eligibility status

Operations will receive notification only of eligibility status, including:
Eligible: A person is approved to have direct access to the operation or children in care without conditions.
Ineligible: The subject of the background check may not have any access to the operation or children in care.
Eligible with Conditions: The subject of the background check is approved to have access to the operation or children in care as long as specific conditions are followed.
Provisional: The subject of the background check may have limited access to the operation or children in care according to specific conditions while actions relating to the background check are incomplete (temporary determination).

CCL staff will not be able to discuss or release any details of results with operations.

Risk evaluation process will be between the Centralized Background Check Unit (CBCU) and the subject.

The provider portal will contain an informative message board to alert providers of tasks due.


CPR and first-aid training required for all caregivers and directors
In response to the CCDBG of 2014, Child Care Licensing rolled out the requirement that all caregivers and directors maintain current pediatric CPR and first-aid training.

The pediatric designation is a requirement of CCDBG. The intent is to capture the population of children that your program serves. If you care for children from birth to age 12, you will want to ensure that the card or curriculum says, “infant,” “child,” or any combination of language that speaks to the age group that your program serves.

The new chart in 746.1301 is helpful to review training required.

§746.1301. What training must I ensure that my employees, caregivers, and directors have during certain timeframes?

You must make sure that employees, caregivers, and directors have the training required in the chart on the following page.


Centralized Background Check Unit has its own web page
Did you know the CBCU has its own web page filled with resources and contacts for providers to use? Check it out here


Contact the CBCU
Regional CBCU staff directory