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Child Care Licensing
Program permit renewals: Certificates, registrations, and licenses


The 84th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 206, which requires the renewal of a license, registration, and certificate. In 2016, Child Care Licensing (CCL) proposed rules to implement renewals. These rules were adopted and go into effect December 2017 with the first permit renewals due in January 2018. You can view the rules at

Please review the Q&A below regarding permit renewals.

What is the purpose of the permit renewal? The renewal process is intended to strengthen Child Care Licensing’s ability to keep track of all child care operations and help ensure overall regulatory compliance.

When do I need to renew my permit? You need to renew your permit every two years. If your full permit was issued to you in an even year, your permit is due for renewal by your anniversary date in 2018. If your full permit was issued to you in an odd year, your permit is due for renewal by your anniversary date in 2019. For example, if your full permit was issued in February 2012, your permit is due for renewal by your anniversary date in February 2018.

What is my anniversary date? It is the date your full license, registration, or certificate was issued and is listed on your permit.

How do I get a renewal application? Child Care Licensing (CCL) will notify you that your renewal is coming due and send you a renewal application to complete approximately 60 days before your anniversary date. If you have an email on file with CCL, you will receive the renewal application by email. Otherwise, it will be mailed through the postal system.

What do I need to do once I receive my renewal application? Upon receiving your renewal application, you will need to fill it out and send it back (via email or mail) with supporting documentation, if needed, to your CCL inspector.

What does the renewal application include? It has six sections that you must review and complete:
Operation Details (includes address, hours of operation, contact email, website),
Controlling Person Details,
Governing Body Details (not applicable to Registered Child Care Homes),
Waiver/Variance Details, if applicable,
Background Check Details, and
Certification and Signature.

What happens when CCL receives my renewal application? After receiving your renewal application, CCL will review it for completeness and make any updates to your operation’s information in the CCL database. In addition, CCL will check to make sure you have paid all fees, including administrative penalties, before accepting your renewal application and renewing your permit.

What happens if my renewal application is rejected? CCL will notify you by email or mail providing an explanation of why it was rejected. CCL will send you a new renewal application to complete. Please follow the directions in the email/letter that you receive.

Will I be notified if my renewal application is accepted? Yes. Upon accepting your renewal application, CCL will send you an acceptance letter, which you must then post next to your permit in accordance with 40 TAC §745.479.

Do you have questions? Please email your CCL inspector. If you are uncertain who your CCL inspector is, please contact your local CCL office at