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Health, safety, and nutrition

Beware of these baby hazards, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2020.
Critical updates, Child Care Regulation, Summer 2020.
Health and safety: Learning that lasts a lifetime by Barbara Langham, Summer 2020.
Keep children—and adults—healthy: Prevent and curb common infections, Summer 2020.
Studying farm animals: What about sheep? By Barbara Langham, Spring 2020.
Talking with children about germs by Louise Parks, Spring 2020.
Calling all flu fighters: Resources for understanding, preventing, and fighting the flu, Winter 2019.
Protect children and prevent abuse, Winter 2019.
Building science knowledge with picture books by Louise Parks, Fall 2019.
Good news from the KIDS COUNT Data Book, Building a business, Fall 2019.
Nurturing imagination through preschoolers’ play by Renee de Assis, Fall 2019.
Teaching through learning centers, Back to basics, Fall 2019.
Benefits of proper nutrition, Early Childhood Intervention, Summer 2019.
A CORNucopia of activities inspired by Gail Gibbons by Barbara Langham, Summer 2019.
Courageous outdoor play: Re-framing risk and building skill by Louise Parks, Summer 2019.
Emergency care and first aid: Be ready by Barbara Langham, Spring 2019.
Resolved: Use fitness ABCs by Louise Parks, Winter 2018.
Safety: A first step in quality care by Barbara Langham, Winter 2018.
Thumb sucking (and pacifiers): Thumbs-up or thumbs down? Winter 2018.
Classroom cooking: Learning to cut, mash, and spread by Louise Parks, Fall 2018.
Evaluating the pros and cons of tablet use in early childhood classrooms by Jessica Alvarado, Fall 2018.
Beware poison ivy, Summer 2018.
Summer safety, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2018.
Teaching children kindness—through animals, Spring 2018.
Promoting positive gender development by Zlata Stankovic-Ramirez and Brigitte Vittrup, Spring 2018.
Sensory overload: Quieting the noise in early childhood classrooms by Louise Parks, Spring 2018.
Teaching children personal hygiene by Barbara Langham, Spring 2018.
Protect children from opioid death, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2017.
Preschool suspension and expulsion: Strategies for preventing and reducing challenging behaviors by Elizabeth Morgan Russell, Fall 2017.
Inch by inch: Making our gardens grow by Rita Beck Neal and Nanci Weinberger, Summer 2017.
In support of family-style meals by Kelsey J. Colburn, Summer 2017.
Prevent children’s deaths in hot cars, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2017.
Risk-taking, pretend play, and resilience in early childhood by McKenzie Emery, Summer 2017.
Food waste vs. hunger: How to help, Texas Parenting News, Spring 2017.
Gently guiding young children to eat their broccoli by Cynthia Warren, Spring 2017.
Helping children fall asleep, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2016.
Language development delays, Back to basics, Winter 2016.
Make your own to-go breakfasts, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2016.
Pregnant? Improve hygiene to prevent virus threat, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2016.
Get a heads-up on lice treatment, Texas Parenting News, Fall 2016.
Look for changes in food labels by mid-2018, Building a business, Fall 2016.
Start early to prevent lingering baby fat, Fall 2016.
Free lunch: Managing special diets for children with food allergies and sensitivities by Heather Pond Lacey, Summer 2016
Eight questions all teachers ask about guidance by Louise Parks, Spring 2016.
Outdoor play: Supervision promotes safety and health by Elizabeth Morgan Russell, Spring 2016.
Vision impairments, Back to basics, Spring 2016.
Doctor visits—even when children are healthy, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2015
Engaging young learners in STEM, Winter 2015
Giving STEM a place in early childhood classrooms by Louise Parks, Winter 2015
Early Childhood Intervention: Building motor skills
Preventing tragedy during meal times, Child Care Licensing, Fall 2015
Quality Indicators: Curriculum and lesson plans by Louise Parks, Fall 2015
Welcome back! Helping young children return to your program after hospitalization by Nanci Weinberger, Fall 2015
Immunization: Help parents get accurate information, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2015.
Keep children safe in summer, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2015.
Prevent dog bites, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2015.
Prevent illness from waterborne germs, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2015.
Prevent Salmonella illness, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2015.
Use of restrictive equipment, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2015.
Cooking with attitude: How to help promote positive lifelong skills in the kitchen by Jamie Krenn and Alyse Hachey, Spring 2015.
Introducing the elementary school counselor, Texas Parenting News, Spring 2015.
What’s wrong with spanking?, Texas Parenting News, Spring 2015.
When thunder roars, go indoors, Texas Parenting News, Spring 2015.
Let’s go for a hike: Nature’s role in fostering preschoolers’ development by Hannah Mills Mechler, Winter 2014.
Loose parts: Adding quality to the outdoor environment by Sandra McClintic, Winter 2014.
Childhood traumatic grief: How to provide support by Amy C. Johnson, Fall 2014.
Difficult conversations: “Why does that man use a wheelchair?” by Miki Henderson and Nancy Stockall, Fall 2014.
Supporting traumatized children, Early Childhood Intervention, Fall 2014.
Healthy smiles: Start now, Summer 2014.
Infant and toddler feeding, Early Childhood Intervention, Summer 2014.
Salt: Discover the magic, but avoid the menace by Barbara Langham, Summer 2014.
Supporting breastfeeding mothers and infants, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2014.
April is Water Safety Month in Texas, Child Care Licensing, Spring 2014.
Families need food, Texas Parenting News, Spring 2014.
Helping children attain a healthy weight, Texas Parenting News, Spring 2014.
Outdoor play, Back to basics, Winter 2013.
Plan for children’s outdoor play in winter, Child Care Licensing, Winter 2013.
School-agers: Make granola for snack, Winter 2013.
Bullying: It can happen at home too, Texas Parenting News, Fall 2013.
Making more room for physical activity in home-based child care by Nanci Weinberger, Fall 2013.
Composting: Don’t give up yet, Summer 2013.
Creating a disaster plan, Building a business, Summer 2013.
Popular drinks: Double whammy in sugar and caffeine, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2013.
Prepare for emergencies, Child Care Licensing, Summer 2013.
Prevent pertussis, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2013.
School starts soon: Drive safely, Texas Parenting News, Summer 2013.
Summer heat: Get creative with routines, Summer 2013.
Avoid distracted driving: “One call or text would wreck it all,” Texas Parenting News, Spring 2013.
Back to basics: Woodworking, Spring 2013.
Bullying and the early childhood classroom by Hannah Mills, Spring 2013.
Autism: Where to find accurate information, Early Childhood Intervention, Winter 2012.
Dental health: Frequent questions—and some you didn’t think to ask, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2012.
What to do with leftover turkey, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2012.
Kitchens: Clean and green? Fall 2012.
Pew! Get rid of that restroom smell—and germs, Summer 2012.
Teach it outdoors: Experiences that are safe and exciting, Summer 2012.
Blocks, Back to basics, Spring 2012.
Exploring simple machines: Physics for young children, Spring 2012.
How to refer children with suspected hearing loss, Early Childhood Intervention, Spring 2012.
What’s wrong with TV and video for babies? Spring 2012.
Use the season to plan ahead, Building a business, Spring 2012.
Woodworking: A constructive learning center by Cathy Abraham, Winter 2011.
Fluorescent lighting: Function, energy use, cost, and safety, Fall 2011.
“I want my mommy” Guiding children at naptime by Ramona Freeman and Courtney Wright, Fall 2011.
Resources (for inclusion) and ordering, Fall 2011, Early Childhood Intervention.
Talking with children about eggs, Fall 2011.
Developmental stuttering: A transition between early talking and eloquent speech by Kate Anderson, Summer 2011, page 24.
Infant health and safety: Test what you know, Summer 2011, page 2.
Move it: Build self-esteem and self-efficacy while fighting childhood obesity by Kelly Allums-Featherston and Katherine Kensinger Rose, Summer 2011, page 38.
Talking with children about water safety, Summer 2011, page 18.
How to get more out of the outdoors by Heather Olsen and Kevin Finn, Spring 2011, page 2.
Buttons, bows, zippers, and knots: Helping children hold it together, Winter 2010, page 30.
Avoid holiday stress, Parents Bulletin Board, Winter 2010, inside back cover
Talking with children about milk by Louise Parks, Fall 2010, page 38.
Talking with children about the sun, Summer 2010, page 32.
When swimming, stay within arm’s reach of your child, Parents bulletin board, Summer 2010, inside back cover.
Heavyweight or healthy weight? Teaching children about food and fitness, Spring 2010, page 24.
Talking with children about germs, Spring 2010, page 32.
Classroom pets: Cute, educational, and maybe dangerous, Winter 2009, page 40.
Talking with children about their bodies, Winter 2009, page 18
Old-fashioned games for timeless fun, Fall 2009, page 10.
Shrimp OK, shark no, , Fall 2009, center pullout.
Language delays and impairments, Back to basics, Summer 2009, inside front cover.
Cooking in the classroom, Spring 2009, page 16.
Identify hearing loss early, Back to basics, Spring 2009, inside front cover.
Whole grains and unusual beans: Simple, nutritious, and tasty, Spring 2009, page 34.
Re-think sleeping with your baby, Parents bulletin board, Winter 2008, inside back cover.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome—New recommendations, Winter 2008, page 40.
Vision impairments, Back to basics, Winter 2008, inside front cover.
Children with physical impairments, Back to basics, Fall 2008, inside front cover.
“Use both hands”: Helping toddlers learn self-help skills, Summer 2008, page 34.
Help children brush their teeth, Early Childhood Intervention, Spring 2008, page 23.
Staying healthy: Frequently asked questions—and answers, Spring 2008, page 24.
“Stop picking on me!” What you need to know about bullying, Spring 2008, page 2.
Tots and taters: Celebrate the humble spud, Winter 2007, page 32.
ADHD: Leave the diagnosis to the doctor, Winter 2007, page 24.
Ouch! Biting hurts, Summer 2007, page 2.
Outdoor play: Cool tips for hot days, Summer 2007, page 24.
Caring for infants born prematurely, Ask ECI, Spring 2007, page 23.
Caring for a child with asthma, Fall 2006, page 2.
Preparing for a possible flu emergency, Fall 2006, page 34.
Protect your knees, please! Building a business, Fall 2006, page 32.
How's the air you breathe? Building a business, Summer 2006, page 32.
Cook smart! Eat smart! Spring 2006, page 34.
Recognizing child abuse, Fall 2006, page 8.
Seizure disorders, Ask ECI, Fall 2005, page 23.
Cerebral palsy, Ask ECI, Summer 2005, page 23.
Climbing onto the pyramid: Food and fitness with children, Summer 2005, page 38.
Look before you leave, Summer 2005, Parents bulletin board.
Summer sanitation: Review basic practices to prevent disease (pest control, head lice, sanitary food preparation), Summer 2005, page 2.
Every day people worldwide are lighting up 15 billion cigarettes, Spring 2005, Parents bulletin board.
Is it me or is it noisy in here? Sound management in early care and education settings, Spring 2005, page 40.
Preventing child sexual abuse, Spring 2005, page 24.
Critters in the classroom, Fall 2004, page 8.
Look before you leave, Summer 2004, Parents bulletin board.
Fetal alcohol syndrome: How you can help, Spring 2004, page 10.
Say no to alcohol when you're pregnant, Spring 2004, Parents bulletin board.
Type 2 diabetes: Help children lower their risk, Spring 2004, page 38.
Emergency care or first aid: Do you know how to respond? Winter 2003, page 24.
Get into the Helmet Habit with your children, Winter 2003, Parents bulletin board.
Environmental safety: The keystone in program quality, Fall 2003, page 24.
Colds and the flu: Common fall and winter health problems, Fall 2003, page 8.
Childhood obesity: The caregiver's role, Summer 2003, page 28.
Summer comfort, Summer 2003, back cover.
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria: What everyone needs to know, Spring 2003, page 18.
Keep children healthy: Prevent and curb infections, Spring 2003, page 38.
Children riding in the open bed of a pickup truck: Outlawed! Summer 2002, inside back cover.
Protect your back: Guidelines for safer lifting, Summer 2002, page 24.
What to do if you suspect child abuse or neglect, Spring 2002, page 18.
When young children explore anatomy: Dilemma or development, Winter 2001, page 2.
Keeping children safe, Winter 2001, Parents bulletin board.
Use your knees (when caregivers do lifting), Winter 2001, back cover.
What about the bottle? Answers to common questions, Fall 2001, page 24.
Help children-and their families-learn basic fire safety, Spring 2001, page 10.
Take the classroom outdoors, Spring 2001, page 2.
Need insurance for your kids?, Winter 2000, Parents bulletin board.
When a pet dies, Breaking the silence: Helping battered moms, Do you need health insurance for your children?, , Winter 2000, center pullout.
Cooking with kids, Fall 2000, page 24.
Help chronically ill children take part in all activities, Ask ECI, Fall 2000, page 17.
Hey Dads! Are you involved?; Ideas for displaying children's work; Make clay and dough; New program helps families, , Fall 2000, center pullout.
Involving fathers in the preschool classroom, Fall 2000, page 2.
Outdoor play, Back to basics, Fall 2000, inside front cover.
Helping a child with cerebral palsy, Summer 2000, page 17.
Ready for kindergarten?; Wash hands to prevent illness; Prevent disease while swimming, , Summer 2000, center pullout.
Ready for school? Tips for success, Summer 2000, page 18.
Reflections on crisis management, Summer 2000, page 10.
Water play for summer fun, Summer 2000, page 38.
Water play for summer fun, Summer 2000, Parents bulletin board.
Buckle up, Spring 2000, Parents bulletin board.
Get in shape for learning, Spring 2000, page 24.
Read poetry to your children, Warning: Avoid Tyenol overdose, New research confirms "Media Generation," Shaken Baby Syndrome, , Spring 2000, center pullout.
Shaken Baby Syndrome: What caregivers need to know, Spring 2000, page 16.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Facts for caregivers, Spring 2000, page 20.
Bilingual web site serves "cyberactive" families, Winter 1999, page 22.
Encourage scribbling: It's you child's way of writing, Winter 1999, Parents bulletin board.
Learning math-at home; Collecting family history, , Winter 1999, center pullout.
Starting on the write foot: Helping parents understand how children learn to read and write, Winter 1999, page 2.
When something isn't right: Developmental delays and disabilities, Winter 1999, page 18.
Working together to work out conflicts, Winter 1999, page 10.
Teach '5 a Day' and the pyramid for better nutrition, Fall 1999, page 8.
CPR reminders, Fall 1999, Parents bulletin board.
For better nutrition, think '5 a day,' , Fall 1999, center pullout.
Confronting nightmares, Summer 1999, Parents bulletin board.
I want my blankey; Biting-a painful message; Trash to treasures-an ABC of collectibles, , Summer 1999, center pullout.
Saying goodbye: Making hard transitions easier, Summer 1999, page 8.
Understanding and preventing toddler biting, Summer 1999, page 12.
Household objects make great toys, Spring 1999, Parents bulletin board.
Infant toys you can make; Prevent dog bites; When you get off the bike, take off your helmet, , Spring 1999, center pullout.
Classrooms for school-agers, Winter 1998, page 11.
Soap and water does the trick, Winter 1998, page 24.
Getting your child started in sports; Help your child succeed in school; Are you using care seats safely?; Plan to breastfeed your baby, , Winter 1998, center pullout.
Let's celebrate family diversity, Winter 1998, page 2.
Dealing with anger, Winter 1998, Parents bulletin board.
Dear Ettie Ket, Fall 1998, Parents bulletin board.
Discipline for children with disabilities, Ask Dr. Klein, Fall 1998, page 22.
Positive discipline: Six strategies for guiding behavior, Fall 1998, center pullout.
American Sign Language, Ask Dr. Klein, Summer 1998, page 22.
Art changes children's lives, Good news, Summer 1998, page 7.
Bringing together families and books, Summer 1998, page 2.
Developing an outdoor classroom: Blending classroom curriculum and outdoor play space, Summer 1998, page 12.     
Field trip planning made easy, Summer 1998, page 24.
Get in on the action: Cardiovascular fitness for children, Summer 1998, page 32.
Reading aloud to young children, Summer 1998, Parents bulletin board.
Tips for parents on field trips; Try these finger plays with your baby; Tips for rearing heart-healthy, active children; Developmentally appropriate activities-for the home, Texas Parenting News, Summer 1998, center pullout.
Bedwetting, Ask Dr. Klein, Spring 1998, page 22.
Food safety: Is your kitchen clean?, Spring 1998, page 8.
Free SIDS materials for parents of infants, Good news, Spring 1998, page 7.
Help prevent SIDS, Spring 1998, Parents bulletin board.
Reading: Practical ideas for parents, , Spring 1998, center pullout.
Banking on child nutrition, Winter 1997, page 2.