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Child growth and development: Physical

Health and safety: Learning that lasts a lifetime by Barbara Langham, Summer 2020.
Keep children—and adults—healthy: Prevent and curb common infections, Summer 2020.
Supporting play—and learning—throughout early childhood by Louise Parks, Summer 2020.
Art all year: Simple painting projects for every season by Rebecca McMahon Giles and Paige Vitulli, Spring 2020.
Get help with gross motor skills, Early Childhood Intervention, Spring 2020.
Talking with children about germs by Louise Parks, Spring 2020.
Music and creative movement, Back to basics, Winter 2019.
Specialized skills training, Early Childhood Intervention, Winter 2019.
Developmental red flags, Early Childhood Intervention, Fall 2019.
Courageous outdoor play: Re-framing risk and building skill by Louise Parks, Summer 2019.
Emergency care and first aid: Be ready by Barbara Langham, Spring 2019.
Physical development: Back to basics, Winter 2018.
Thumb sucking (and pacifiers): Thumbs-up or thumbs down? Winter 2018.
Classroom cooking: Learning to cut, mash, and spread by Louise Parks, Fall 2018.
Beware poison ivy, Summer 2018.
Sensory overload: Quieting the noise in early childhood classrooms by Louise Parks, Spring 2018.
Teaching children personal hygiene by Barbara Langham, Spring 2018.
Hoops, scoops, and rackets: Simple tools for exploring spatial relationships, Winter 2017.
Easy ways to foster spatial reasoning, Fall 2017.
Deaf education: A primer by Barbara Langham and Mari Hubig, Summer 2017.
In support of family-style meals by Kelsey J. Colburn, Summer 2017.
Gently guiding young children to eat their broccoli by Cynthia Warren, Spring 2017.
Help children learn about snow, Winter 2016.
Helping children fall asleep, Texas Parenting News, Winter 2016.
Back to basics: Physical impairments, Fall 2016.
Back to basics: Hearing and hearing impairments, Summer 2016
Outdoor play: Supervision promotes safety and health by Elizabeth Morgan Russell, Spring 2016.
Vision impairments, Back to basics, Spring 2016.
Writing to communicate: Start young by Barbara Langham, Winter 2015
Mirrors: Playing with reflections by Louise Parks, Fall 2015
Preventing tragedy during meal times, Child Care Licensing, Fall 2015
Exploring clouds: Activities for the classroom by Cathy Abraham, Summer 2015.
Go round: Teach the circle shape, Spring 2015.
Identifying infants and young children with visual impairments by Holly Cooper, Early Childhood Intervention, Spring 2015.
Ten songs that work: Using YouTube videos in early childhood classrooms by Sarah Mercado, Spring 2015.
Build hand strength with the hole punch, Winter 2014.
Let’s go for a hike: Nature’s role in fostering preschoolers’ development by Hannah Mills Mechler, Winter 2014.
Healthy smiles: Start now, Summer 2014.
Tips for feeding picky eaters, Summer 2014.
Sensorimotor development: Hands-on activities for infants and toddlers by Louise Parks, Spring 2014.
Line dancing—A fun way to exercise, Winter 2013.
Art with children with delays and disabilities: Teaching the way children learn, by Whitney Colvin and Elizabeth McCarroll, Fall 2013.
Help build fine motor skills, Early Childhood Intervention, Fall 2013.
Making more room for physical activity in home-based child care by Nanci Weinberger, Fall 2013.
Help build gross motor skills, Early Childhood Intervention, Summer 2013.
Summer heat: Get creative with routines, Summer 2013.
The importance of play in the preschool classroom by Karen Sue Sussman, Winter 2012.
Toddlers: Avoid chaos by matching activities to developmental levels by Genan Anderson, Fall 2012.
What you can do with paper, scissors, and glue, Summer 2012.
How to refer children with suspected hearing loss, Early Childhood Intervention, Spring 2012.
Woodworking: A constructive learning center by Cathy Abraham, Winter 2011.
Physical development, Fall 2011, Back to basics.
Infant health and safety: Test what you know, Summer 2011, page 2.
Move it: Build self-esteem and self-efficacy while fighting childhood obesity by Kelly Allums-Featherston and Katherine Kensinger Rose, Summer 2011, page 38.
How to get more out of the outdoors by Heather Olsen and Kevin Finn, Spring 2011, page 2.
Buttons, bows, zippers, and knots: Helping children hold it together, Winter 2010, page 30.
Got rhythm? Simple instruments to make and play by Barbara A. Langham, Fall 2010, page 8.
Heavyweight or healthy weight? Teaching children about food and fitness, Spring 2010, page 24.
Talking with children about their bodies, Winter 2009, page 18.
Old-fashioned games for timeless fun, Fall 2009, page 10.
Cooking in the classroom, Spring 2009, page 16.
Whole grains and unusual beans: Simple, nutritious, and tasty, Spring 2009, page 34.
Vision impairments, Back to basics, Winter 2008, inside front cover.
Children with physical impairments, Back to basics, Fall 2008, inside front cover.
Why can’t we say ‘handicapped’?, Fall 2008, page 40.
Help children brush their teeth, Early Childhood Intervention, Spring 2008, page 23.
Music and creative movement, Back to basics, Spring 2008, inside front cover.
Staying healthy: Frequently asked questions—and answers, Spring 2008, page 24.
Tots and taters: Celebrate the humble spud, Winter 2007, page 32.
Are you listening?, Spring 2008, page 24.
Which hand? Brains, fine motor skills, and holding a pencil, Spring 2007, page 36.
Wiggle your toes: Activities for little feet, Spring 2007, page 28.
Ouch! Biting hurts, Summer 2007, page 2.
Watching infants grow, Ask ECI, Fall 2006, page 23.
Move it: Physical activity for young children, Winter 2004, page 14.
Plunge into parachute play, Fall 2004, page 16.
Fun in the sun: Outdoor activities for all ages, Summer 2004, page 28.
Fetal alcohol syndrome: How you can help, Spring 2004, page 10.
Type 2 diabetes: Help children lower their risk, Spring 2004, page 38.
Crawling: Is it creeping away? Fall 2003, page 32.
Physical development, Back to basics, Fall 2003, inside front cover.
Childhood obesity: The caregiver's role, Summer 2003, page 28.
Don't be a couch potato: Get fit, Summer 2003, Parents bulletin board.
Get kids moving: Simple activities to build gross-motor skills, Summer 2003, page 10.
Impairments in physical development, Back to basics, Summer 2002, inside front cover.
Moving to literature, Summer 2002, page 12.
Watch the weather: More activities for all kinds of days, Summer 2002, page 28.
Whatever the temperature-play outdoors, Licensing dateline, Summer 2002, page 22.
Seeing, Back to basics, Winter 2001, inside front cover.
When young children explore anatomy: Dilemma or development, Winter 2001, page 2.
Watch the weather: Activities for all kinds of days, Winter 2001, page 24.
Hearing, Back to basics, Fall 2001, inside front cover.
Visually impaired children, Ask ECI, Summer 2001, page 9.
Physical development, Back to basics, Spring 2001, inside front cover.
Play with paper, Winter 2000, page 34.
Rhythm sticks without music, Fall 2000, page 38.
Helping a child with cerebral palsy, Summer 2000, page 17.
Get in shape for learning, Spring 2000, page 24.
Music and creative movement, Back to basics, Winter 1999, inside front cover.
Books, boxes, and imagination, Winter 1998, page 37.
American Sign Language, Ask Dr. Klein, Summer 1998, page 22.
Finger plays and action rhymes-for infants and toddlers, Summer 1998, page 38.
Get in on the action: Cardiovascular fitness for children, Summer 1998, page 32.
Enough time to play?, Spring 1998, page 2.
Banking on child nutrition, Winter 1997, page 2.