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Above the Crowd: Songs from the Show
Written and sung by Joe McDermott. Bouncing Ball Music, L.L.C. 2008. ($14.99 plus shipping)


Freshen your music experiences for children with imagination, humor, and movement using this compilation CD by singer-songwriter and frequent Parents’ Choice honoree Joe McDermott.

Imagination soars throughout the album but especially in the three songs about flying: “My Cat Can Fly,” “Our Family Car Is a Helicopter,” and “Flying Saucer.” Likewise, humor abounds in the lyrics—and often crops up in asides—in songs like “What’s Not to Love About a Skunk,” “Thank You, Mud,” and “Don’t Drop a Brick on Your Feet.”

For movement activities, invite children to bounce with “Baby Kangaroo,” strum like a rocker in “Air Guitar,” clap to the beat in “Clap Your Hands,” and zoom around in a car and motorcycle in “Ride, Ride, Ride.” When inviting toddlers to crawl or walk, sing “I Am Baby” and “Great Big World.”

Children will recognize their pets in “Let the Dog Go Out” and “Sport Comes to the Rescue” and perhaps remember a Florida family vacation in “Don’t Get Close to the Alligator.” Abundant rhyming and sing-along opportunities offer lots of language enrichment.

Although McDermott’s personal appearances generally feature him performing solo with an acoustic guitar, this CD provides the rich and varied accompaniment of a band and chorus. It’s no wonder that he has performed with large ensembles like the Austin Symphony and appeals to adults as well as children.

Visit to buy the CD for $14.99 and find out more about McDermott and his upcoming shows. Or go to the independent Web music store, CD Baby,, where you can preview the songs and buy the CD for 17.99 or MP3 format for $9.99.