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Winter 2018
Volume 42, No. 3


Parenting recommendations: Using research and theory to address communication challenges

by Erron L. Huey
Things that happen outside a classroom play a role in what happens inside the classroom. > Read

Safety: A first step in quality care

by Barbara Langham
Whether your program is housed in a custom-built school, a renovated warehouse, or your family’s home, your first obligation is the safety of the children in your care. > Read

Listening and hearing: Encouraging language in after-school programs

by Amanda Andrews and Karen Petty
After-school care has traditionally been seen as peripheral, taking a secondary place behind formal education. In actuality, it is formative and should be respected. > Read

Thumb sucking (and pacifiers): Thumbs-up or thumbs-down?

Thumb sucking is a common habit of children. It’s often annoying to caregivers and bewildering to parents. Why do children suck their thumbs? What, if anything, needs to be done about it? And while we’re at it, let’s look at pacifiers. > Read

Resolved: Use fitness ABCs

by Louise Parks
Maintaining good physical and mental health is crucial to anyone’s employment performance. For people who work with children, fitness is key to the stamina, good humor... > Read