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Journal Updates

Winter 2017
Volume 41, No. 3


Children’s brain development: A primer

Overheard at the start of a session on children’s brain development at a recent ECE conference: “Why do I need to know that? I’m a preschool teacher, for goodness sake, not a doctor!” The answer to the question is complex. Yes, best practices are established... > Read

Hoops, scoops, and rackets: Simple tools for exploring spatial relationships

As children explore and incorporate basic science concepts, simple toys, including those made rather than purchased, can engage and reinforce learning. Help reinforce spatial relationships—the space between objects—with the activities below that focus... > Read

Contact paper: Stick-to-it creativity

Adhesive shelf liner, also known as contact paper, has many uses for teachers. You can use the colored and patterned kind as a practical way to cover or decorate boxes, table tops, and bulletin boards. You can cut it into numerals, alphabet letters, and shapes... > Read

Ask a question: What kind of answer?

“What do you need to plant a pecan tree?” asks the visiting county extension agent, as he speaks to the class of 5-year-olds. Several children wave their hands furiously, eager to talk. When called on, Johnny says, “My grandmother has a pecan tree at her house, and we like to pick the pecans.” > Read

Are flannel boards out of style?

As computers and other technological devices make their way into early care and education classrooms, we may wonder whether it’s time to throw out flannel boards. Will parents question our methods as old-fashioned? Will other teachers tell us to get up-to-date? > Read