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Cover Winter 2014

Winter 2014
Volume 38, No. 3


A day in pictures

by Adam Akerson
The sight of a young child grasping the leg of a parent, eyes filling with tears, afraid of being left alone in a new environment can be heartbreaking, even to the most experienced teacher. > Read

The sensory table: Land of a thousand experiences

by Louise Parks
Sensory experiences are the gateway to learning for young children. They build knowledge of how the world works by looking, listening, smelling, tasting, and touching... > Read

Let’s go for a hike: Nature’s role in fostering preschoolers’ development

by Hannah Mills Mechler
Exploration in the outdoors can foster preschoolers’ inquiry and learning, which in turn promotes their development. Nature walks in particular provide opportunities to foster... > Read

Loose parts: Adding quality to the outdoor environment

by Sandra McClintic
Open-ended materials—loose parts—on the playground can provide children with never ending ways to transform things into whatever they can mentally imagine. > Read

Calling all leaders: Guiding professional relationships through national expectations

by Bridget A. Walsh, Hyun-Joo Jeon, and Jencie Davies
As an early childhood professional, Jane sees herself as a practitioner. > Read

Build hand strength with the hole punch

Although the hole punch is commonly used in office work and crafts, it can also provide learning activities for 4- and 5-year-olds. Hole punch activities can strengthen the muscles of the forearm, hand, and fingers as well as increase eye-hand coordination. > Read