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Summer 2019
Volume 43, No. 1


Art development in young children: Scribbles matter

by Louise Parks
Why do children make art? What do their lines, colors, shapes, and designs mean? Does children’s art have any meaning? > Read

Making music in early childhood classrooms

Making and playing rhythm instruments is a time-honored early education practice and a perfect way to introduce young children to music. Singing, listening, and moving to a beat enrich children’s auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic skills. > Read

We’re all the same—and different: Learning about similarities and differences in people

Even the youngest children are aware of the similarities and differences among people. Skin color, language, gender, and physical differences stir questions in children. > Read

A CORNucopia of activities inspired by Gail Gibbons

by Barbara Langham
The inside-front book jacket of Gail Gibbons’ Corn tells readers the book offers a “cornucopia of information about a familiar food.” > Read

Courageous outdoor play: Re-framing risk and building skill

by Louise Parks
No matter the language you use to describe the area designated for outdoor play and discovery, research supports your efforts to help children move into the natural world to refresh... > Read