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Summer 2018
Volume 42, No. 1


Building math concepts in the housekeeping center

by Tisha Shipley
Center time has just started in Ms. Shipley’s kindergarten classroom. In the housekeeping center the children are busy getting ready to open the class store. > Read

Mud—an invitation to messy play

Most preschool children love playing with mud. This open-ended material appeals to younger children who enjoy its sensory squishiness and to older children who mold it into pies and infrastructure. Playing with mud helps children learn and grow in many areas. > Read

Re-envisioning student teaching and field experiences: Partnerships with community education programs

by Tracey K. Hoffman and Melanie Adams
Student teaching and field experiences typically occur in traditional classrooms. Why not... > Read

Shy or not? Common misunderstandings about possible language disorders

by Shann Hwa (Abraham) Hwang, Wendy K. Lee, and Isaiah M. Hwang
Jason, a 3-year old boy, usually prefers to play by himself both at home and at his preschool. He does not make conversation while playing with peers and does not respond with clear words. > Read

Making color—Dyes and paints for school-agers

by Louise Parks
In infancy, babies begin their exploration of color. Newborns typically distinguish strong color contrasts, and with experience, toddlers identify colors by name... > Read

Beware poison ivy

Poison ivy is an Asian and North American flowering plant known for causing contact dermatitis—itchy, oozing, blistering, irritating, and sometimes painful rashes in most people who touch it. The irritant is a chemical called urushiol, a clear, oily compound in the plant’s sap. > Read