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Summer 2017
Volume 41, No. 1


Children’s literature of the Southwest

by Marisa Macy
To learn more about a place, immerse yourself in the literature of that region. Let’s go on a journey to the Southwestern part of the United States through literature written for children. > Read

More Southwest children’s literature and activities

Books offer numerous opportunities for group discussion and learning activities. Books set in the Southwest are no different. The books below, suitable for ages 4 to 8, feature Anglo, Spanish, and Native American cultures and can acquaint young readers with folk tales and legends. > Read

Inch by inch: Making our gardens grow

by Rita Beck Neal and Nanci Weinberger
School garden success has a long history, but this success has been found primarily in elementary schools (Blair 2009). Yet child care centers are typically open year-round and therefore... > Read

Deaf education: A primer

by Barbara Langham and Mari Hubig
Imagine you are Remi, a 4-year-old girl who cannot hear well. You find it hard to understand the story the teacher is reading, so you stare out the window. > Read

Risk-taking, pretend play, and resilience in early childhood

by McKenzie Emery
During the early childhood years, children learn to recognize their own abilities, likes and dislikes, and strengths. By allowing children to explore self-imposed risks in outdoor environments... > Read

In support of family-style meals

by Kelsey J. Colburn
Tiffany and Jeffrey attend a preschool where teachers and children eat lunch family style. The food is served on platters and in bowls passed around the table. > Read

How to involve parents who have limited time to come to the classroom

by Nerissa LeBlanc Gillum
As Joy’s dad is dropping her off at preschool at 7:30 a.m., Joy asks, “Daddy, will you read to me and my friends today?” Her dad replies, “Joy, I wish could, but I have to get to work.” > Read