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Cover Summer 2015

Summer 2016
Volume 40, No. 1


Pairing picture books and creative arts to build literacy and community

by Holly Carrell Moore
It’s the first week of school, and a huddle of nervous 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds in an urban Head Start classroom eagerly look on as Ms. Moore begins to share Jez Alborough’s book, Hug. > Read

The teacher-floater: Let’s define best practices

by Elizabeth Morgan Russell
What, you may ask, is a teacher-floater? This person, often called simply a floater, is a teacher who works in more than one classroom, at the same center, on a regular basis. > Read

School-agers: Learn about the buffalo

by Barbara A. Langham
By the time children reach kindergarten or first grade, they often have some familiarity with the buffalo, a grand symbol of the American West. > Read

Free lunch: Managing special diets for children with food allergies and sensitivities

by Heather Pond Lacey
“Peanut free.” “Gluten free.” “Dairy free.” Those labels seem to be everywhere now. > Read

Bored babies? No way with sensory play

Caring for babies requires lots of attention to physical needs, such as feeding, diapering, and napping. While tending to these needs, experienced caregivers talk to babies, actively listening and responding to their cries, coos, and gurgles. > Read