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Cover Summer 2015

Summer 2015
Volume 39, No. 1


Helping Latino families transition to child care

by John Garcia and Shann Hwa Hwang
José, a 4-year-old boy, has moved with his family from Mexico to Texas. Because both of his parents work during the day, they have enrolled him in a child care program near their home. > Read

Exploring clouds: An introduction

by Barbara Langham
People have observed clouds and wondered about them for hundreds of years. Around 650 B.C. the Babylonians predicted weather based partly on clouds... > Read

Exploring clouds: Activities for the classroom

by Cathy Abraham
The goal of a curriculum unit on clouds is to raise the children’s awareness and knowledge of clouds and the world around them, while sparking their imagination... > Read

Quality programs for young children: What the research tells us

by Louise Parks
From professional conference presentations and public school teachers’ meetings to CDA classes and legislative hearing rooms, conversations about early care and education programs... > Read

Developmentally appropriate technology in my classroom—But how?

by Sharon Hirschy
You just returned from another workshop talking about developmentally appropriate practices in your classroom—this time with technology. But you honestly don’t know how.... > Read