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Cover Spring 2014

Summer 2014
Volume 38, No. 1


Salt: Discover the magic, but avoid the menace

by Barbara Langham
Salt is so common, so cheap, and so available that we hardly give it a second thought. Yet salt performs such scientific and culinary wonders that it seems to have magical qualities. > Read

The importance of creative arts in early childhood classrooms

by Hannah Mills
At circle time, Ms. O’Brien introduces the concept of self-portraits to her group of 4-year-olds. She shows examples from the art world, including the self-portraits of Frieda Kahlo... > Read

On second thought…. Why some families don’t seem involved

by Kimberlee Spencer
We know children benefit when their families are involved in their care and education, but sometimes it seems that parents don’t want to be involved or are just too busy. > Read

Tips for feeding picky eaters

What’s a picky eater? Why does the challenging behavior develop? What can be done? Rather than engaging in a power struggle over food, consider the need for young children to learn how to judge what and how much they eat... > Read

Shake up your curriculum with salt

Dreading the summer doldrums? Looking for new learning activities without breaking your budget? The answer may be as close as your kitchen cabinet or the supermarket—salt. Besides its wide availability, salt is cheap. > Read

Healthy smiles: Start now

The condition of a child’s teeth, whether the toothy grin of a toddler or the decayed incisor of a 4-year-old, have a life-long impact. Right from the start nutrition, habit, diet, and heredity impact oral health and either the likelihood of tooth decay... > Read