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Cover Spring 2013

Contents Summer 2013


Use mouth-watering art to master math concepts

by Robin A. Ward
Paint, pastels, and colorful collages in the mathematics classroom? Absolutely! The visual arts, which include drawing, painting, and sculpture, present an ideal and unique forum through which ... > Read

How you can use the new Texas Core Competencies

by Donna Kirkwood, Katie Chennisi, LaShonda Y. Brown, and Jennifer Lindley
After more than three years of research, collaboration, and writing, the Texas Early Learning Council released the new Texas Core Competencies for Early Childhood Practitioners and Administrators ... > Read

Standardized testing in kindergarten: It’s a topsy-turvy world

by Joan Fulenwider
In a culturally diverse school located in a large urban school district in southeast Texas, breakfast is over and class has begun. Fueled by their innate youthful enthusiasm ... > Read

Composting: Don’t give up yet!

We hear time and again about the benefits of composting. It offers a hands-on learning experience for children, provides rich soil for the garden, rids garbage of odorous kitchen wastes, and reduces the need for community landfills. > Read

Summer heat: Get creative with routines

One way to beat the summer heat is to make creative changes in the daily routine. Switch outdoor activities from mid-morning or mid-afternoon to early morning when it’s cooler, for example. Close blinds and pull down shades enough to keep out the heat ... > Read