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Cover Summer 2012

Contents Summer 2012


Portfolios: Tell the story of assessment and learning

Early care and education professionals have long resisted single-dimensional standardized tests that don’t easily reflect the interplay of a child’s cognitive, social, physical, emotional, and language development. > Read

Emotion regulation in early childhood

By Hannah Mills and Elizabeth McCarroll
Imagine a child who is able to express needs, desires, and frustrations verbally instead of physically. Alternatively, imagine a child who acts out uncontrollably by screaming, kicking, and hitting. > Read

Teach it outdoors: Experiences that are safe and exciting

What makes the outdoor classroom different? Everything! From the ambient sounds like birds, road traffic, and chirping insects to the freedom children feel in being able to move about freely in a large space, learning—and play—is magnified. > Read

Pew! Get rid of that restroom smell—and germs

One thing sure to turn off parents and visitors to your facility is a smelly restroom. If it smells like urine, they will question your sanitation practices. If it smells like ammonia or chlorine, they may worry about human and environmental health. > Read

What you can do with paper, scissors, and glue

If you are new to early childhood education, you may appreciate knowing about traditional paper craft activities that teachers have used for decades. > Read