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Spring 2020
Volume 43, No. 4


Continuity of care: Putting children first

by Heather Carter
The idea of continuity of care is neither new nor innovative. The term was first noted in published medical research dating back to the 1950s. > Read

Studying farm animals: What about sheep?

by Barbara Langham
Spring can be a perfect season for children to learn about sheep because it’s the time for shearing and livestock shows. But regardless of when you offer the farm animals theme... > Read

If dolls could talk, what might they say?

by Barbara Langham
After all the children have gone for the day, Ms. Higgins scans the room. Her eyes fall upon the dramatic play center, and a particular doll—the one called Dolly—catches her attention. > Read

Art all year: Simple painting projects for every season

by Paige Vitulli and Rebecca McMahon Giles
Painting is intrinsically motivating to young children. The interaction of large and small motor skills with different sized brushes and various colors of paint.. > Read

Talking with children about germs

by Louise Parks
Although parents, teachers, and public health officials are increasingly eager to address the dangers of illnesses, talking with children about sanitation, disease prevention, and being sick... > Read

Building numeracy: Understanding numbers and how they work

by Louise Parks
Early care and education teachers know the importance of literacy—recognizing and understanding printed words. Numeracy is to numbers and math what literacy is to reading... > Read