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Spring 2019
Volume 42, No. 4


Promoting imagination in preschool classrooms

by Renee De Assis
As a newly certified preschool director, I was expecting my first unannounced, on-site visit with a healthy mix of excitement and anxiety. > Read

Make music: Using rhythm instruments in early childhood classrooms

by Louise Parks
In September, Mr. Harris noticed how much interest his 3-year-old class demonstrated when he played music, sang rhymes, and offered opportunities to dance. > Read

Emergency care and first aid: Be ready

by Barbara Langham
An accident involving a child can be frightening, even for the most experienced caregiver. Questions flash to mind: Is the child hurt? What happened? What should I do? > Read

Manipulatives: Sensory experiences that are safe, ethically sound, inexpensive, and fun

Too often an afterthought, manipulatives—small materials that children learn to control with their fingers—are essential learning tools that can be safe, ethically sound, inexpensive, and fun. > Read

Fathers in picture books: Role models matter

While the roles of fathers have changed radically in the past 25 years, it does no service to children to ignore or dismiss their impact—as nurturers and as behavioral models. And while most preschool teachers are appropriately reluctant to address the facets of parenting styles... > Read