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Spring 2017
Volume 40, No. 4


Gently guiding young children to eat their broccoli

by Cynthia A. Warren
Getting young children to eat vegetables can be a constant struggle for child care providers. Children enter child care with a wide variety of food preferences. > Read

Teach the triangle

by Barbara Langham
When preschoolers learn geometric shapes, they gain a basic and powerful tool for organizing their world. The ability to recognize and differentiate between shapes... > Read

How do children learn language?

by Amy Johnson
Language, and the way we learn language, is so complex that linguistic experts devote years to the study of grammar rules, patterns, and ways people communicate with one another. > Read

Monarch butterflies: Explore the magic

by Elizabeth Morgan Russell
Monarch butterflies do seem magical. This article provides information about these amazing creatures so you can take advantage of teachable moments when they visit your playground. > Read

Prop boxes: Tools for empowering dramatic play

Early care and education teachers are familiar with interest centers and their importance in early childhood classrooms. The dramatic play center, in particular, offers children unique opportunities to try on roles, make choices, verbally and symbolically interact with... > Read