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Cover Summer 2015

Spring 2016
Volume 39, No. 4


Children’s imaginary companions: Dispelling myths and rumors

by Melissa McInnis Brown
Imaginary companions are often portrayed in media as signs of social-emotional disturbance or, at the least, immature behavior. In films such as The Shining and The Sixth Sense, and in TV shows... > Read

Magnets: A first step to high tech

by Barbara Langham
No science or discovery center would be complete without magnets. Activities with these common objects not only delight children but also help build a foundation for future learning... > Read

Infant caregiving: How to be responsive

Responsive caregiving is essential to the well-being of infants, children birth to 3 years old (Brebner, Hammond, Schaumloffle, and Lind 2015). Infants are ready from birth to form social relationships with their caregivers. They babble, smile, and wriggle with anticipation... > Read

Outdoor play: Supervision promotes safety and health

by Elizabeth Morgan Russell
Outdoor play has a long history in early care and education programs. Friedrich Froebel, a 19th century pioneer in the field, was one of the first to promote outdoor play for children. > Read

Eight questions all teachers ask about guidance

by Louise Parks
Whenever teachers, directors, and adult educators gather, the conversation inevitably turns to classroom management—the best ways to guide children... > Read