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Cover Spring 2014

Spring 2014
Volume 37, No. 4


“But when will you teach them to read?”

by Anita Spainhower
This is my 35th year with preschool children, so I often find myself reflecting on my teaching, trying to align my experience with my formal education. My time in the classroom… > Read

Create hands-on learning manipulatives to enhance basic skills

by Donna R. Sanderson
“It has been my privilege working with my peers on the CAPS Project. We have formed strong relationships and love helping one another to brainstorm unique activities… > Read

Father-child interactions: Effects of financial stress and couple conflict

by Shann Hwa Hwang, Nerissa LeBlanc Gillum, John Garcia, Felicia Murray, and Theresa Lindsay
Mike’s father recently experienced a pay cut at work that has created stress for the whole family. His father’s involvement in the family has become inconsistent and unstable. > Read

Attachment: Bringing childhood behavior theory to real life

by Sarah Yetka Keramati
One of the greatest challenges to teachers is the child who seems to have no heart, the child with whom the provider cannot seem to build a close or warm relationship. > Read

Sensorimotor development: Hands-on activities for infants and toddlers

by Louise Parks
Claire clings to Ms. Rocca. Ray sits up, watching and listening as the musical ball rolls away from him. Jessica pulls herself up to standing in order to reach a red block. > Read