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Cover Spring 2013

Contents Spring 2013


Blocks: A center for all seasons

by Rebecca Giles
Wooden, naturally unit blocks are one of the most versatile and long-lasting learning materials for young children. As a result, they have been a staple in early childhood classrooms ... > Read

Do math in a pizza box

What do you see when you open a pizza box? Pizza—typically, yes. But in early childhood education—after the pizza has been eaten—you might see alphabet letters, counters, lotto cards, or any number of learning materials. > Read

Have fun outdoors with hooping

Hula Hoops® sold like crazy at the height of the fad in the 1950s. Although they never really went away, hoops have begun reappearing more often recently in children’s games and adult classes. > Read

Bullying and the early childhood classroom

by Hannah Mills
Imagine your children playing during center time, when you hear some of them saying, “I don’t like the way you look” or “I don’t like your looks dumb.” > Read

Family involvement: A key quality indicator

Effective communication between a child’s family and early care and education teachers is both challenging and critical to a child’s learning. In fact, it’s a key indicator of a program’s quality. > Read