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Cover Fall 2011

Contents Spring 2012


Reflecting children’s cultures and languages in Ms. Macy’s early childhood classroom

By Hyunju Lee
This is important, not only for the Korean or Chinese or Hispanic children but for the English-speaking children too. I want them to know that there is a variety of languages and a variety of cultures in our world. —Ms. Macy > Read

Sequence and milestones: Planning for meaningful learning and authentic assessment

Early care and education requires a delicate balance among the needs of individual children and the group, their families’ expectations, your own professional skills, and your program’s needs and requirements. > Read

Exploring simple machines: Physics for young children

“Look!” calls Rachel. “We turned the wagon over. Come and spin a wheel with us.” Four children sit on the playground grass trying to make the wheels spin faster and faster. Meg stops her wheel and points to the long rod connecting the two back wheels. > Read

What’s wrong with TV and video for babies?

“Our babies love watching television. They learn so much, especially from the educational shows.” “We live in a technological age. Children need to get used to electronic media from day one.” > Read

Who’s most at risk for child abuse? Infants

Infants have the highest rate of child abuse in the United States, according to a recent government report. The rate was 20.6 infants per 1,000 in 2010, more than twice the rate for all children. > Read