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Fall 2019
Volume 43, No. 2


Welcoming families: Making authentic home-school connections

by Helene Arbouet Harte and Jaesook L. Gilbert
Jessica has been teaching preschool for five years. Eight of her 24 children speak languages other than English at home. Two children are having behavioral issues... > Read

Got found objects? Make a collage

by Barbara Langham
Collage is a favorite art activity of many early childhood educators. It can be as simple as sticking pieces of paper onto a sheet of construction paper or as complex as gluing... > Read

Nurturing imagination through preschoolers’ play

by Renee de Assis
One of the 4-year-old girls in my class not only dresses like a princess, but she also looks like one. Sadie’s long blonde hair and bright blue eyes accentuate her daily demands... > Read

Building science knowledge with picture books

by Louise Parks
For all of us, books are a dynamic vehicle for knowledge acquisition. For young children, those who can’t yet read to discover new information, shared picture books help construct... > Read

Moral development in early childhood classrooms: Putting relationships first

by Rebecca Ryan
What early childhood teacher hasn’t heard, “You’re not my friend anymore!” or “You can’t play with us because you don’t have a baseball glove (or other object or trait.)” > Read

Moral development: A sampling of the literature

How do we develop a sense of morality, a value system by which we determine what is right or wrong, good or bad? Are we born with a conscience? Philosophers and faith leaders have debated such questions for centuries. > Read