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Fall 2018
Volume 42, No. 2


Fostering oral language in inclusive preschool classrooms

by Rachel Greenroy and Karen Petty
Visit any preschool classroom and the chances are great that you will find one or more children with challenges in oral language. > Read

Classroom cooking: Learning to cut, mash, and spread

by Louise Parks
Few preschool classroom activities offer greater support for skill development—cognitive, social, emotional, and physical—than cooking. > Read

Developing number sense and counting skills in prekindergarten

by Jose Lema and Karen Petty
Four-year-olds Daniel, Marisol, and Oscar are playing in the math center when Ms. Guzman asks, “How many bears do you have all together?” > Read

Organization for directors—and anyone else who wants to work smarter

Everyone has unique and distinct life goals, but few of us feel like we have enough time to carefully and consciously balance work, family, and personal priorities. Sheree wants to get paperwork under control so that she can compute expenses for her next monthly board meeting. > Read

Rethinking developmental domains to improve classroom observations

by Zlata Stankovi-Ramirez and Josh Thompson
“How did you teach Clarissa her colors?” asks Ms. Laura, the pre-K aide. “I didn’t,” says Mr. Dan, the toddler teacher. “I just started observing her more carefully.” > Read

Evaluating the pros and cons of tablet use in early childhood classrooms

by Jessica Alvarado
Mr. Sanchez is crafting a lesson on the animals at home theme and is deciding how to make it come alive in his center time. He does a quick search for some ideas... > Read