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Fall 2017
Volume 41, No. 2


Why parents want their young children to learn two languages

by Tracey K. Hoffman
Since the United States has become a country of many languages and cultures, our education system teaches a wide diversity of students including those not fully proficient in English. > Read

Boost toddler learning with blocks

Blocks offer lots of learning and development opportunities—even for toddlers. By playing with blocks, toddlers enhance physical development and fine motor coordination. If playing with another child, a toddler can practice cooperation, language, and emotional regulation. > Read

Teach the square…and the rectangle

Teaching these two geometric shapes is like a line from an old song: “You can’t have one without the other.” The square and rectangle go hand in hand—maybe not like “love and marriage” or “horse and carriage,” but perhaps best understood in terms of the other. > Read

Preschool suspension and expulsion: Strategies for preventing and reducing challenging behaviors

by Elizabeth Morgan Russell
“We can no longer meet your child’s needs. We cannot let him continue in our program.” > Read

Easy ways to foster spatial reasoning

Austin, who’s nearly 5, sits atop a triangle-shaped climber on the playground. His teacher, Ms. Leigh, stands close to his side, ready to help him maintain balance, if needed. About 100 feet away is a duplicate climber. For several days, Austin has run back and forth between the climbers... > Read