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Cover fall 2015

Fall 2016
Volume 40, No. 2


Kindergarten: Getting ready for big school

by Elizabeth Morgan Russell
The first few weeks of fall can create anxiety for parents whose children are entering kindergarten. Are their 5-year-olds ready to launch into formal schooling? > Read

Creating a caring community of learners

The phrase, “a caring community of learners,” occurs with increasing frequency in the early childhood literature (Wisneski and Goldstein 2004). A 2009 position statement of the National Association of Young Children (NAEYC), for example, in explaining the components... > Read

Talking with parents: How play promotes school readiness

For teachers of 4-year-olds, it’s not unusual to hear parents’ concerns about the value of play-based activities. Parents know, often from their own experience, how school performance affects future chances for success and happiness in life. > Read

Fostering critical thinking in young children

by Hannah Mills Mechler
During center time, Mrs. Diaz announced to her class, “When you get to the water table center, we’re going to do a neat science experiment!” > Read

The classroom as a teaching tool: Evolving spaces to meet children’s needs

by Zlata Stankovic-Ramirez and Catherine Dutton
Like many teachers, Jessie spends lots of hours setting up her preschool classroom for the new school year, carefully considering how materials influence and support the interests of the children. > Read

Start early to prevent lingering baby fat

Ms. Ortiz, a toddler teacher, adjusts a plastic smock on 23-month-old Brandy. Then she gives the child a plastic jug with holes in the bottom. “Let’s fill this jug with water,” she says. Brandy presses the jug sideways into the water tub and gleefully watches the bubbling that arises. > Read