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Cover Summer 2015

Fall 2015
Volume 39, No. 2


Welcome back! Helping young children return to your program after hospitalization

by Nanci Weinberger
Every week I’m lucky enough to spend a couple of hours reading to hospitalized children. > Read

Mirrors: Playing with reflections

by Louise Parks
Noticing a reflection in a quiet pool of water goes back to the dawn of human history. The urge to play with that reflection is just as old. > Read

Vines: Plants that go up and out

Vines are everywhere. They grow on fences, walls, posts, trellises, and gazebos as well as in flower beds, pots, gardens, and farm fields. Many vines produce flowers and fruit. On some vines, the flowers are ornamental, such as morning glory and trumpet vine. On other vines... > Read

Applying math and science concepts in preschool classrooms

by Hannah Mills Mechler
George and Sophia are playing in the block center when Ms. Smith asks the 4-year-olds, “How many blocks are you playing with?” After hearing the children’s response... > Read

Quality indicators: Curriculum and lesson plans

by Louise Parks
Traditionally, curriculum described what teachers considered essential learning for children at a particular age or school grade level. Early care and education teachers... > Read