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Cover Fall 2014

Fall 2014
Volume 38, No. 2


Childhood traumatic grief: How to provide support

by Amy C. Johnson
The death of a loved one initiates a grieving process—even in children. Sometimes, however, the child is too traumatized to grieve and suffers from childhood traumatic grief (CTG). > Read

Circle time: Making large group activities work

by Louise Parks
The overhead lights flash and Ms. Rodriguez moves to take her place on the carpeted floor. Most of the children wander over to join her. The stage is set for the learning day to officially begin. > Read

Difficult conversations: “Why does that man use a wheelchair?”

by Miki Henderson and Nancy Stockall
Conversations with curious preschoolers can be difficult, crucial, challenging, awkward, important, and often insightful. Many times teachers know they should talk to a child... > Read

“What did you do at school today?” Communicating classroom happenings with parents

by Amanda Rutter
Although children tend to say that they played at school, which is certainly accurate... > Read

Always busy: Little learnings for idle moments

Every teacher sometimes bumps against challenging—and unanticipated—waiting time. This may happen when too many children need to wash their hands at one sink, when the lunch trays are a bit late, when the group has evacuated the building in a fire drill, or even when... > Read