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Cover Spring 2013

Contents Fall 2013


Art for children with delays and disabilities: Teaching the way children learn

by Whitney Colvin and Elizabeth McCarroll
Teachers across America begin the school day with similar goals: that their students will... > Read

Offering emotional support to young learners

by Mi-Hwa Park
For young learners, learning to distinguish—and spell—the words kit and kite can be an exercise in frustration, or even worse, boredom. > Read

Helping parents understand and foster their child’s literacy development

by Elena Lopez
Early childhood educators know that parents are a child’s first teachers. We need their support and involvement to enhance a child’s cognitive development. > Read

Rivers: Exploring moving water with children

Before the United States had a name, explorers navigated North American rivers observing and recording information about the watery worlds that later shaped U.S. cities, agriculture, commerce, recreation, and family life. > Read

Making more room for physical activity in home-based child care

by Nanci Weinberger
Imagine a public fountain that spans a large plaza. If young children were there, would they splish-splash in the giant puddle of water? > Read