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Cover Fall 2012

Contents Fall 2012


Using books to foster resilience in young children

By Karen Petty
After a few short decades of resilience research, we are now beginning to look at children and their ability to bounce back in a different light. > Read

Kitchens: Clean and green?

Cleaning a kitchen in an early childhood program presents a dilemma: How do we zap germs that cause illness, and how do we do it without chemically harming the kids? We’re justifiably alarmed at every news report about food-borne illness. > Read

What do you see, really see? Exploring art styles with children

When you look at a piece of artwork, what do you see? Most of us first see the entire image, be it a painting, sculpture, needlework, or drawing. We are usually able to immediately grasp a landscape, a portrait, a mobile, or an exuberant combination of line and color in paint. > Read

Regulating children’s excitement: Strategies that support emotional development

By Mi-Hwa Park
Ms. Smith and her children are in the school parking lot discussing the parts of a car. “Is that your car?” asks Lindsey. Smiling and nodding, Ms. Smith says, “This is my car.” > Read

Toddlers: Avoid chaos by matching activities to developmental levels

By Genan Anderson
Life in the toddler room is either an ever-changing delight or a nightmare, depending on your understanding, attitude, and preparation. > Read