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Cover Fall 2011

Contents Fall 2011


“I want my mommy,” Guiding children at naptime

By Ramona Freeman and Courtney Wright
It’s 1:30 p.m., and the 4-year-olds are lying on their cots. In this well-respected child care center, the room is quiet, soft music is playing, and the teacher is adjusting the window shades. Suddenly Justin begins to whimper. > Read

Fluorescent lighting: Function, energy use, cost, and safety

Are you using fluorescent lighting in your facility? You may already use the long fluorescent tubes in ceiling fixtures, but what about the curled bulbs advocated for replacing incandescent bulbs? > Read

Puppets: Make them and use them

If you’re old enough to remember when Big Bird learned of Mr. Hooper’s death, you already understand the powerful role a puppet can play in a child’s life. If you don’t remember the episode of Sesame Street, search for… > Read

Loving’s not enough: Planning for meaningful learning and authentic assessment

Wisdom holds that we can love only those things we know. Often the better we know something or someone, the stronger the emotional attachment. > Read

Talking with children about eggs

For years, doctors and dieticians told us to avoid eating eggs. The high cholesterol, they argued, would clog our arteries. > Read